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With the gradual maturity of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G technologies, the trend of enterprises' transition to industrial Internet and digitalization is becoming clearer. Farben focuses on improving the efficiency of enterprise operation and management, reducing enterprise operating costs and focusing on user experience, and provides end-to-end consulting, delivery and implementation, and operation and maintenance technical services for high-tech industries.

Our Advantage
  • Software development

    Mature software development capabilities have passed CMMI L5 certification of the US SEI agency

  • Landing of advanced technology

    Familiar with the business scenarios surrounding the above-mentioned advanced technologies

  • Independent Intellectual Property

    Software delivery platforms and tools with independent intellectual property rights

  • High-tech and manufacturing industries

    Serving customers in the high-tech and manufacturing industries for more than ten years

Service Provided
Service Instance
Farben RPA Solution Project

RPA, is also known as Digital Labor, because it automates repetitive operations in a workflow. RPA can effectively optimize traditional office processes, improve work efficiency, indirectly optimize the allocation of corporate labor resources, and help companies to digitally transform and upgrade.

Different from the traditional RPA, the RPA of Farben solves the "last mile problem" of process automation. Through image text recognition technology, natural language logical classification, natural language data extraction, recognition, and deep learning mode prediction, the coverage of the RPA application scenarios has increased to more than 80%. Our RPA and AI give robots the ability to learn and think. At present, typical cases include billing robots, tax reporting robots, recruitment robots, and automatic operation and maintenance robots.

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