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Digital transformation centered on customer service, business innovation, and industrial upgrading is an urgent need in the software industry. At present, the Farben software technology is accelerating the evolution to cloud, platform, and service, and it is fostering an open innovative ecology.

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  • Human resources

    Constantly increase / update IT talent pool

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    Unique software outsourcing business support platform

  • Technical advantages

    Advantages of innovative technology

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The Farben Smart Campus Practice Project

With the "people-oriented" service concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, campus informatization is changing from traditional management to service-oriented, and college informatization has gradually developed into a new stage of "smart campus". We deeply integrate big data and artificial intelligence technology with campus security, school affairs management, and teacher and student services to build an integrated smart campus solution.

Among them, the intelligent security system improves the capability of early warning and timely traceability afterwards, effectively strengthening campus security precautions; the data-based management behavior provides intelligent decision-making for personalized education and reasonable allocation of resources, and truly achieves effective data mining and realization "Share, and win-win" of data resources.

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