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Since its establishment, Farben has focused on the field of fintech and provides end-to-end software services based on banking, securities, funds, insurance and other business systems in the financial industry. We have an experienced financial industry service team and technical support team. We have many professional solutions in PAAS / SAAS / DAAS-based financial cloud services, Internet finance, big data-based data analysis and marketing services.

Our Advantage
  • Experienced

    Focus on service provider for more than ten years in the financial industry, with extensive experience in the industry

  • Cooperation

    Strategic cooperation between large, medium and small financial institutions at home and abroad (banks, securities, insurance)

  • Capability

    Bank data mid-stage capability output (consulting, planning, landing)

  • Guarantee

    End-to-end full-process testing / development services

  • Approval

    A company whose CMMI L5 software maturity is recognized by International SEI Association

Service Provided
Service Instance
Big Data Financial Services Project of Farben

A domestic large-scale Internet private bank uses the big data financial service system V1.0 of Farben to implement asset-light operation layout, implement an ecosystem development strategy, design products based on the demand side, and rely on a large number of front-end technologies to support big data processing models. All customer acquisitions, risk controlling, and services are completed online. Through the development, maintenance, and use of the financial loan system, the overall business links of customers are closer, and effective information support is provided for the overall market planning, which greatly reduces losses in the company's credit, and overall improves the user experience.

While strategically developing software technology services and IT resource services, Farben actively strengthens the development, construction and promotion of new products and new technology solutions, continuously enhances the company's market innovation capabilities, and strengthens enterprises through project management industry attributes and industry characteristics. And it actively seeks internal and external cooperation opportunities, and strives to become a first-class enterprise in China's software technology service industry.

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