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Guizhou Mobile Data Asset Management System Project

Demand analysis

Guizhou Mobile has huge business data distributed across multiple business systems, multiple analysis topics, and multiple application scenarios.

Need to present complex data sources and application themes clearly and intuitively.

Need to automatically adapt to the display on the large screen.


Use a graphic chart to show and introduce the description of "low-value density, medium-value density, high-value density" data and a schematic description of the conversion process between each other, and display the corresponding information.

Low-value density data monitoring: show the source of platform data assets with the relationship of "BOM domain, system, type, vendor".

Medium-value density data monitoring: show the subject domain, and the data kinship between the subject domain and the original system.

High-value density data monitoring: Demonstrating the relationship between applications and topic domains (L1).

Customer benefits

Realized the overall overview of Guizhou Mobile's big data assets by subject and application scenario.

Realized detailed display of Guizhou Mobile's big data assets divided into low, medium and high value data.

Graphically shows the distribution status of mobile big data assets in the form of graphics + maps + tables.

The system realizes automatic adaptation on the PC side and the large screen side.

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