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A Smart Water Case In A Provincial Capital City

Case introduction

A provincial capital city is located at the downstream estuary, and its own flood prevention and drainage system is not perfect. It occurs every time during the rainy season. In the situation of building a smart city, waterlogging control is urgent. Using advanced technology to reduce the occurrence of waterlogging and the impact of waterlogging, the city government propose "in three years to achieve a significant increase in the level of waterlogging prevention, and they hope that moderate and light rain does not accumulate water and heavy rain does not cause serious waterlogging, even heavy rain cities operate basically normal, without causing major property damage and casualties. "

In order to strengthen the management of urban waterlogging prevention and water system investigation, the municipal government set up the urban water system row and joint adjustment center, using the Internet of Things and big data technology to build a water management system to change the river water system management and waterlogging prevention in the urban areas from "Kowloon Water Control" to "Unification "Combat" transformation, to achieve unified water monitoring, unified forecasting and early warning, unified consultation decision-making and dispatch management of relevant departments.

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