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IT Human Resources Comprehensive Service Project of A Financial Service Group

Business challenges

Affected by Internet finance, banks are constantly transforming, and products and services are being upgraded. Customers want to create simpler and more convenient direct banking services for younger customers who are more and more accustomed to networked life.

In addition to settlement and wealth management services, the integration of the entire Internet industry chain will be promoted.


IT resource comprehensive service solution.

Emergency Project Support Services (CRP).

Provide technology: Java, Android, IOS, UI, test, C ++, HTML5, PHP, etc.

Service departments: Ping An Life Insurance, Ping An Bank, Ping An Technology, Ping An Securities, Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, Inclusive Finance.

Customers benefits

Shorten the R & D delivery cycle.

Quickly occupy the market and seize the opportunity.

The normal launch and update maintenance of guarantee functions to improve user experience.

The customer and our company reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship.

Change the world with customers using innovative business technology services!
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