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DMP Data Asset Management Solution


(1) The needs of enterprise digital transformation.

(2) It is difficult to achieve data sharing and cross-industry exchange, which makes it difficult to grasp customer information in all aspects.

(3) The need for open data and specialized technical services.

(4) Enterprise data purchase costs much, the costs of infrastructure investment and maintenance are high, and weak technical service capabilities frequently occur.

Solving Problem

Open up multi-party data and respond to the comprehensive needs of enterprises for data management

  • Data Visualization Issues

    Tailored data asset monitoring platform
    for customers

  • Information Island Problem

    Bring together and use multi-party
    data reasonably

  • User reach and growth issues

    Data-Driven Intelligent Decision

    (Experiential marketing)

Architecture Design

Program Value

(1) Rich visual elements: graphics, maps, tables and other forms intuitively show the distribution status of customers' big data assets.

(2) Comprehensive data source support: Supports multiple data sources, plug-in data interface APIs, and provides processing and display of static data, batch data and even real-time data.

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