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Cloud Service

Through the effective combination of new technologies and industry characteristics, Farben provides professional end-to-end cloud services to create value for customers:

SaaS Services

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) software services are software development, management, and deployment that are delivered to a third party. They do not need to be concerned about technical issues and can be used immediately. Basically, most of the Internet services that our ordinary users are exposed to are SaaS.

The Farben Info SaaS service builds all the network infrastructure, software, and hardware operation platforms required by the enterprises for information, and is responsible for a series of services such as early implementation and later maintenance, which can form a good complementary relationship with its existing cloud services , So that the company can provide customers with a full range of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. At the same time, through the big data and SaaS model to innovate the traditional B-end market, deepen the value of enterprise services, and gradually realize a new era service system of interconnected and integrated development.

  • Faster deployment and easier adaptation to changing market environments than traditional software systems

  • Open form, integrating with existing IT systems to generate new value

  • Open API interface to realize multi-department and multi-link data communication and system docking

  • Help customers to more flexibly carry out front-line business and accelerate the realization of the overall "Internetization" of business operations

Create a comprehensive IT resource service solution for Weizhong Bank

Business challenge

Weizhong Bank does not set up physical outlets and counters, and all customers, risk control and services are completed online, which poses higher challenges for Weizhong Bank's system construction and product development.

Issues such as the principle of risk bottoming, the improvement of the statistical monitoring index system, and the addition of online banking to the large payment system.

Asset-light operation layout, implementation of ecosystem development strategies, design of products based on the demand side, and big data processing models require a lot of front-end technical support.


Deployed a comprehensive resource service solution based on Tencent Cloud.

Technology provided: Java, SQL data, testing, development, architecture design.

Service cycle: August 2015 to present.

Customer benefits

The risk control on credit is very efficient. The efficiency of customer management, credit inquiry and lending are much higher than that of traditional banks, which improves the overall user experience. The 2017 revenue growth rate is 50 times that of traditional banks, and the net interest margin is 3 times that of ICBC.

The development, maintenance, and use of the system make the overall business links of customers closer, and provide effective information support for overall market planning.

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